About Us


Broncochem was developed for treating colds in 1976 by Laboratorio Magnachem International, SRL in the Dominican Republic.

Originally created as a line of prescription products, Broncochem has since then been widely accepted by medical professionals and consumers, who consider its various formulas to be excellent and safely effective in curing common cold symptoms. This makes Broncochem one of the most widely prescribed and preferred brands on the Dominican market.

This has driven Laboratorios Magnachem to make it more widely available from RX to Over the Counter (OTC) medicine. We devoted years of research to demonstrate the medicine's safety. And to ensure responsible self-medication, we have trained a knowledgeable marketing team to manage this Prescription to Over-the-Counter shift.

Broncochem has thus become a sought-after brand for Dominicans overseas, which prompted Laboratorios Magnachem to launch an expansion phase based on Broncochem exports to the United States and other countries starting in 1998, and registering Broncochem with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Responsible management, marketing, promotion and stewardship of the Broncochem brand by Global Corporation, Inc. has positioned it as the preferred medication of the Dominican community, thanks to its quality, efficacy and safety. Today, we have a more ambitious goal to introduce our products that we have great confidence in to the whole USA market.


Broncochem is committed to quality and health. We aim to satisfy the market needs for cold & flu and other respiratory solutions, as we believe in the safety, quality and efficacy of our products. And the best products can only be complemented by our excellent services, guaranteeing community development and well-being.


To make Broncochem a leading brand among OTC products on the market by providing superior products without any compromise. We aim to make Broncochem a brand that you can believe in, a brand that you look for when you need it.


We work in an honest and respectful way. We are strongly committed to responsible self-medication, service to our customers and the community, and sustainable business development that is mindful of natural resources and the environment.

We believe a good brand starts with the quality of products. We don’t compromise on the ingredients, whether it be active or inactive. We don’t believe in the strategy of diluting our products to get our customers to buy more and use more. And we don't believe in providing stronger medication in order to see stronger and faster effects. We believe a good product is a balance of ingredients that maximize their efficacy—just the right amount for your body.

We are whole-heartedly committed to serving our customers with respect, integrity, transparency, and excellence. We believe innovation is part of how we fulfill our commitment to our customers. That's why we strive for improvements for our products and our services constantly. Thank you for choosing us, and thank you for trusting us with your health!